Engineering Services & Solutions

System Design

We can take your idea and deliver a complete turn key solution. From the back of an envelope to working hardware.

Electronic Circuit Design

Control systems, embedded microprocessors, sensor interfaces, and navigation systems.

Software and Firmware Design

Graphical and user interfaces, embedded microprocessor firmware.

Printed Circuit Board Design

Both surface mount and through hole, multi layer wiring boards.

Mechanical Design

Electronic equipment chassis and packaging, general mechanical design, waterproof enclosures.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Highly trained and experienced in-house assembly technicians and access to first class plastic and metal fabrication shops. All CNC tooling.

Testing and Burn-In

All products are thoroughly tested and burned in prior to delivery.

Testing at Your Company’s Locations

We are willing to travel to your location, including foreign and offshore locations.

Engineering Partners

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For engineering services and questions call, toll free at 1-800-763-2994 or email