PosNet Radio Pod

ariesradiopodPBX Systems LLC introduces PosNet, a GPS module for positioning seismic streamers. PosNet is a lightweight, rugged and cost effective alternative to existing products in the market place today.

PosNet’s fully integrated packaging encloses both the GPS and RF antennas within a protective housing to help make installation both quick and easy.

PosNet’s light weight ( 8 lbs ) and small size ( 4.5 inch diameter and 20 inch length ) provide greater flexibility in module placement. When PosNet is powered up, the unit will self configure.

*** No operator intervention is required beyond initially assigning a unit ID. ***

  • Most cost effective GPS Radio Pod for streamer positioning.
  • Position or Carrier Phase Raw Data outputs available.
  • Wide DC voltage input range.
  • 12 Channel “all-in-view” parallel tracking.
  • Selectable WAAS/RTCM operation.
  • Track multiple Raw Data PosNet GPS Radio Pods from a single shipboard radio, optional Position output available.
  • Rapid time to first fix after power interruption.
  • UHF Radio (450-470 MHz), optional 900 MHz Radio available.


Position Accuracy
Single Point L1 <5m CEP
WAAS L1 <1.5m CEP
DGPS (L1, C/A) <1m CEP
Measurement Precision
L1 C/A Code 75 cm RMS
L1 Carrier Phase 1 cm RMS
Time to First Fix <typical
Cold Start 120 s
Warm Start 45 s
Hot Start 15 s
Signal Reacquisition <1 s (typical)
Velocity Accuracy 0.05 m/s RMS
UHF Radio Characteristics
Range 12 km
Channels 99
Bandwidth 12.5 – 25 KHz
RX Sensitivity -105 dB
TX Power 2 Watts

Physical & Electrical Description

Size (inches) 4.5 diameter x 20 height
Weight 8 pounds
Input Voltage +9 to +30 VDC
Power Consumption 4.0W (typical)
Communication Ports 1 RS-485 for Position/Raw data
1 RS-485 for RTCM input
Input/Output connectors AG Geophysical AGP-2708M
Environmental: Temperature
Operating -30C to +75C
Storage -40C to +85C
Part Number 58030-00