PosNet GPS Pod

ariesgpspodPBX Systems introduces the PosNet GPS module for positioning seismic energy sources.

ARIES is a lightweight, rugged, flexible and cost effective alternative to existing products in the market place today.

To simplify installation and system setup, PosNet is designed to be hard mounted on a float or buoy located over the energy source.

PosNet’s light weight (5 lbs) and small size (4.5 inch diameter, 10.5 inch length) provides greater flexibility in module placement. When PosNet is powered up the unit will self configure.

*** No operator intervention is required beyond initially assigning a unit ID. ***

  • Most cost effective GPS pod for energy source positioning.
  • Position or Carrier Phase Raw Data output.
  • Wide voltage input range.
  • 12 Channel “all-in-view” parallel tracking.
  • Requires only two wire pairs for Raw Data Output (additional pair for DGPS).
  • Selectable WAAS/RTCM operation.
  • Up to 8 PosNet pods on a single gun-string.
  • Rapid time to first fix after power interruption.


Position Accuracy
Single Point L1 <5 m CEP
WAAS L1 <1.5 m CEP
DGPS (L1, C/A) <1 m CEP
Measurement Precision
L1 C/A Code 75 cm RMS
L1 Carrier Phase 1 cm RMS
Time to First Fix (typical)
Cold Start 120 s
Warm Start 45 s
Hot Start 15 s
Signal Reacquisition <1 s (typical)
Velocity Accuracy 0.05 m/s RMS
Part Number 62370

Physical & Electrical

Size (inches) 4.5 diameter x 10.5 height
Weight 5 pounds
Input Voltage +18 to +72 VDC
+12 to +36 VDC
Power Consumption 3.0W (typical)
Communication Ports 1 RS for Position/Raw Data
1 RS=485 for RTM input
Input/Output Connectors AG Geophysical AGP-2708M
Environmental: Temperature
Operating -30C to +75C
Storage -40C to +85C