ATEX antennas for U.S. Offshore and Refineries

Although the price of oil remains stubbornly low, safety is still a critical component in the oil exploration and production process. To meet stringent safety requirements and to ensure critical communications, Procom has developed a line of ATEX certified antennas. These antennas were originally designed for use by a major producer in the North Sea. […]

IoT antennas in stock

Ask us about our stock of 900Mhz and 2.4Ghz IoT antennas! PBX’ has base station antennas suitable for smart traffic signs, meter reading and plant automation systems. Antennas are in-stock. Our Procom A/S antennas are rugged, fiberglass units with optional mounting brackets. We have an assortment of antenna gains from unity to 6dBd. PBX’ can […]

Passive DAS Components

Procom is pleased to offer a comprehensive line of Passive DAS components for indoor and confined space R.F. installations. There are solutions for tunnels, buildings, basements, parking garages & offshore platforms. The DAS product line includes rugged components to enable R.F. coverage in the most demanding environments. Procom Passive DAS components are sealed for installation […]

gScoutS app for the iPad and iPhone

At PBX Systems LLC, product design and programming have always been in our DNA. But with our core Energy Industry market still in decline, the typical projects that we’ve worked on in the past have been placed into sustaining mode. These include custom GPS positioning software and hardware, integrated IMU’s, energy source Q.C and custom […]

Iridium Satellite Antenna with GPS

Procom A/S announces a dual function Iridium Satellite antenna with GPS. This  lightweight Circularly Polarized Quadrifilar Helix antenna is ideal for fixed installation or semi-permanent use for military or industrial use. Features include: Passive quadrifilar helix design. Covers GPS and Iridium band: 1575& 1616 Mhz. Right-hand circularly polarized antenna (RHCP) Design helps to minimize fading […]

VHF Low-band antennas

As Digital radio technology keeps counting evolutions, Procom A/S continues to offer and expand products in the T-Band, ISM and other bands including the fast moving LTE band. In addition VHF aero/marine bands and UHF continue to be well served with omni and directional yagi and panel antennas. However, we’re hearing of more and more […]

All-in-one T-band & LTE antenna

An All-in-one T-band & LTE antenna! To meet the growing communications demand of first-responders and emergency services, Procom has introduced an “All-in-one” antenna solution. This is the CXL 470-870, a single whip antenna covering the T-band, 470Mhz all the way up through LTE, 870Mhz! DESCRIPTION Vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station and marine antenna. Approximately 0 […]