About PBX

Company Overview

PBX Systems LLC was founded over 15 years ago to provide control and positioning products to the oil/energy industry. Since our start in 2001, our client list now includes names as diverse as the world’s largest oil company, many Energy Service companies, various universities and scientific labs across the country and even The Supreme Court of the U.S.

Today we are excited to have expanded our services to include the sale of World Class R.F. antennas, filters, combiners and other DAS components from Procom A/S, Denmark.

We also sell and support in-water GPS tracking hardware specifically for the energy industry, integrated GPS and IMU hardware with kalman filtering, telemetry products, specialized interface cables, rugged packaging solutions, equipment integration and embedded programming services.

Specialized marine seismic hardware includes tailbuoy power supplies, rugged RFID hardware and in-water tension monitoring hardware.

Other product partners include Teledesign Systems Inc. with a portfolio of wireless modems and GPS Networking Inc. with their line of GPS splitters, filters and other GPS antenna accessories.

CEO Message

Thank you for your interest in our company and welcome! PBX Systems LLC is a small company with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer exceptional engineering solutions that have been honed with years of field experience in the oil and gas industry.

Your satisfaction is paramount to our ongoing success and we hope that we will have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills to you.

Mission Statement

Our commitment to our clients is to deliver exceptional service and quality products in a timely manner at a fair price, while maintaining a high ethical and moral work standard.

Our commitment to our employees is to provide a safe, challenging, stable and fun work environment that allows them to grow with us.


QHSE: Quality, Health, Safety, Environment.


Statement of General Business Principles

PBX Systems LLC is engaged in the supply of engineering services, positioning systems and telemetry hardware to the energy and survey industries. Our General Business Principles dictate that we observe a high moral, ethical and fair approach to our employees, suppliers and clients based on honesty, integrity and transparency. We believe that our values will result in happy, dedicated employees, loyal suppliers and satisfied clients. Our long term goal is to continue to improve on our relationships with all parties and so strengthen our company.

Business Ethics

It is the policy of PBX Systems LLC that, in the course of our business, all personnel adhere to the highest possible standards of business ethics as we interact with our suppliers and our clients.

This shall include ensuring that employees use good judgment in the offering of modest gifts, meals and other entertainment in the course of business. In all cases, employees shall be aware of the U.S Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and other Federal and State laws pertaining to the giving of gifts in the course of transacting business.


PBX Systems LLC ensures that all personnel that might be required to go offshore are trained in Basic Offshore Training that includes Water Survival, HUET/METS/Swing Rope and Personnel Transfer as required by our clients.

The company also encourages work related training for all office personnel to ensure the company’s improvement in QHSE and also to assist our employees in the development of their skills. These classes can be at the level of basic skills and also college courses.

Environmental Policy

Copies of the Company Environmental policy are posted around the office and are available upon request.

Company has an active employee recycling program which is currently being expanded to include used product materials (enclosures, casings etc.).