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  • IWCE 2015 *Update *

    Many thanks to everyone who visited the PBX’ booth at IWCE this week. It was a well attended show that kept us busy every day. It was also hugely enjoyable! As well as showing the latest in Procom wide-band antennas and multi-frequency vehicle antennas we saw a lot of interest and excitement as many new […]

  • Tetra antennas available

    PBX Systems LLC is pleased to offer clients a number of Procom antennas for use with Tetra radio systems. From low band UHF to 800-900Mz antennas and higher, Procom A/S manufactures a number of solutions for Tetra installations. Call or e-mail PBX’ for more information.  

  • All-in-one T-band & LTE antenna

    An All-in-one T-band & LTE antenna! To meet the growing communications demand of first-responders and emergency services, Procom has introduced an “All-in-one” antenna solution. This is the CXL 470-870, a single whip antenna covering the T-band, 470Mhz all the way up through LTE, 870Mhz! DESCRIPTION Vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station and marine antenna. Approximately 0 […]