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  • Passive DAS Components

    Procom is pleased to offer a comprehensive line of Passive DAS components for indoor and confined space R.F. installations. There are solutions for tunnels, buildings, basements, parking garages & offshore platforms. The DAS product line includes rugged components to enable R.F. coverage in the most demanding environments. Procom Passive DAS components are sealed for installation […]

  • gScoutS app for the iPad and iPhone

    PBX Systems LLC was formed in 2001 to supply goods and services to the Energy Industry. Some of our best friends and business contacts are still, thankfully, a part of the now much depleted remains of this battered group. Product design and programming has always been in our DNA but, with our core Energy Industry […]

  • ATEX antennas for U.S. Offshore and Refineries

    The price of oil remains stubbornly low. But, no matter how many full tankers are anchored offshore or how many wells are drilled and plugged, safety is still paramount in the oil patch. To meet safety requirements, Procom has developed a line of ATEX certified antennas. These were originally designed for use in the North […]