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  • Tetra antennas available

    PBX Systems LLC is pleased to offer clients a number of Procom antennas for use with Tetra radio systems. From low band UHF to 800-900Mz antennas and higher, Procom A/S manufactures a number of solutions for Tetra installations. Call or e-mail PBX’ for more information.  

  • All-in-one T-band & LTE antenna

    An All-in-one T-band & LTE antenna! To meet the growing communications demand of first-responders and emergency services, Procom has introduced an “All-in-one” antenna solution. This is the CXL 470-870, a single whip antenna covering the T-band, 470Mhz all the way up through LTE, 870Mhz! DESCRIPTION Vertically polarized, omnidirectional base station and marine antenna. Approximately 0 […]

  • Procom has new broadband antennas

    Procom has added two new broadband antennas to it’s portfolio of antenna products covering the VHF and UHF bands. They are designed to give wideband coverage on VHF and UHF bands: • CXL 108-185C is a broad-band base station antenna for 108-185 MHz • CXL 380-470C is a broad-band base station antenna for 380-470 MHz […]