People Overview

PBX Systems LLC is jointly owned by Phil Roberts and Bob Fischer.

Main Contacts

Philip Roberts

Phone: (281) 240-6163
Fax: (281) 491-4856

Philip Roberts started in the oil industry in June 1977 as a technician installing and maintaining radio beacons throughout Europe to support offshore oil exploration. In 1979 he joined Houston based Western Geophysical Inc. as an oil exploration vessel technician in North and South America. Before leaving Western Geophysical Inc. in 1984, Philip held the position of Navigation Supervisor, a position based out of Houston.

After attending the University of Houston studying Electrical Engineering and working as Operations Manager of a local offshore navigation company in Houston, Philip rejoined Western Geophysical Inc. in 1992 to work in the research and development division.

In June 2001 Philip left Western Geophysical Inc. and his position as Manager of Navigation R & D, to help found PBX Systems LLC.

Robert Fischer

Phone: (281) 240-6163
Fax: (281) 491-4856

Robert Fischer received a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry Institute, Phoenix in 1976.

For the next four years Robert built prototype microprocessor based equipment for Texas Instruments. This involved designing custom electronic circuits used in new products developed for TI’s clients.

In 1979 Robert joined Aero Service Div. of Western Geophysical Co. as an airborne technician. Duties included operation and repair of aircraft survey gear, computers, navigation equipment and cameras. With over 3000 flight hours, Robert has experience in magnetometer and gamma ray spectrometer surveys and photo operations.

In 1986 he was promoted to staff engineer and was responsible for designing equipment used in the world’s first commercial GPS surveys. During the next 15 years Robert designed GPS equipment used in airborne, land and marine surveys, and a variety of other equipment used for telemetry, power and control in a marine environment. Robert is an experienced AutoCAD operator as well as a printed circuit board designer.

In June of 2001, Robert left his job as Sr. Design Engineer for a large oil exploration company to help found PBX Systems.